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**Welcome to the home of the "Betty Bicep Girls"...BettyBiceps.com** 

Julie is ready to Rock !
Ginger pumps up
Monique..Strong and Sexy
BAilee vs. Monique in the 2009 A/W #4 contest
Julie & Jenni
Patty & Amy
Kathy puts the muscle squeeze on Daisy
"Betty Bicep Girl"...Bailee
 Betty Bicep Girl ...Julie
Betty pumps up her strong bicep
Beautiful & Sexy Barbie

The "Betty Bicep Girls" are Everyday Fit and Athletic Natural-Muscular Women who just try to be "The Best They Can Be...Not what "Madison Avenue" or" Hollywood" tells them they should be..." and they will help inspire and show you how to be the best you can be too.... This website  is for all of the women and men who don't have the time to be a fitness expert or live a complete fitness lifestyle...but know they can improve the way they look and feel with the right information and attitude.          And the "Betty Bicep Girls" have the right attitude....They are proud of who they are and know you don't have to be "Perfect" to be happy...Just work at being "The Best You Can Be" and have fun doing it !!        So the " Betty Bicep Girls" really are the "Fit and Natural-Muscular Girls Next-Door"

This new "sister-site" to http://www.bettybiceps.net/    features the "Betty Bicep Girls" too, but will be in a different format.        This site will be more "interactive" with a "Personal Advice" and "Personal Trainer" Q & A sections and short articles on "Health and Fitness".          So keep checking back to watch it grow into a fun new site for "Natural-Muscular-Women" and a great addition to the "Betty Biceps Family".....
"Betty Bicep Girl"...Nyssa
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