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 Betty's Big Biceps 
Betty's strong bicep and upper-body
Betty has come a long way since 1999 when I first met her.         We became friends and when I got my first arm wrestling match against her I was surprised by her strength and endurance as I had to give her all I had to beat her and her lean and hard 12 inch biceps.           Now as you can tell by these new photos of her in 2007 flexing her still very hard and now thick 14 & 1/2 inch biceps , my wins against her are few and far-between ....    She has won  most of  her arm wrestling matches vs. other strong women and beats most men she arm wrestles now.        I can tell you she is VERY STRONG !!!       
Betty's 12 inch bicep in 1999
Betty's 12 inch Bicep in 1999.....Strong, hard and lean.....
Betty's 14 & 1/2 inch Bicep in 2007
Betty's bigger, stronger, thicker,harder 14 & 1/2 inch Bicep in 2007
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Betty Bicep Girls

Nixa, Mo  65714-0271
Email: info@bettybiceps.net